COPYRIGHT ISSUES AND SUPPORT FOR REMOVAL OF COPYRIGHTED CONTENT respects people’ intellectual property rights and asks that you do the same. When contacted, immediately suspends any copyrighted material (provided through a publicly visible web address / URL) from being able to be converted and downloaded by its platform.

If you are a content creator/owner, copyright owner, or an agent of such a person and would like to prevent the use of’s platform to convert your publicly available content(s), please send us a request via e-mail with the information listed below, and we will blacklist the content(s) in our system within 24 hours.

– The URL(s) of the content(s) you wish us to prevent access to.

– A kind of electronic or physical documentation demonstrating that you own the material (s).

– Reach information that is adequate for us to contact you, such as an address, phone number, and a valid e-mail address.