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Kickstarter Video Downloader is a free and fast Kickstarter video converter created by ClipsConvert. You can download your favorite Kickstarter video using this Converter app.

Kickstarter ( is a crowdfunding website that allows companies to create their own creative goods with the goal of raising funds from Kickstarter users on a worldwide scale. Many people are using Kickstarter and uploaded more than 57,092 projects which earned more than $2 billion last year. If you have interest, you can join Kickstarter. If you lunch a Kickstarter project, you will assess the amount of community interest in the project.

Kickstarter Video Downloader


How to Download Videos From Kickstarter With a Free Video Downloader?

With a free video downloader, you can save any video from Kickstarter and any other site. Paste the URL of the Kickstarter video you want to download into the “Download” section of the app. ClipsConvert tool will look for the Kickstarter video file and download it to your PC. Playing video without an internet connection is now possible. You may use a VLC player to watch your saved videos later. Listed below are some of the ways to download videos from Kickstarter.


STEP 1: You need to Copy the Kickstarter video URL using their mobile app or website.

Example: “”

STEP 2: Open our Kickstarter video downloader,

STEP 3: Paste the Kickstarter URL into our downloader box, and click the download red button. After a few seconds, you should see 4/5 Kickstarter video download options for mobile, HD, lower, and higher resolutions.

STEP 4: Right-click on the Kickstarter video format you wish to download and choose Save target as… If the Kickstarter video is now playing on your screen, you can save it by pressing (CTRL+S).

Enjoy it.


Downloading videos from Kickstarter, and other social networks.

Clipsconvert has the ability to convert major social network’s video content and audio content. The best option is to copy the link to the video and paste it into the Clips Convert downloader. The website will analyze the video and provide options for quality and format. After choosing a format, click “Download” to download your Kickstarter video.

Kickstarter Video Converter’s main features

  • Download videos from for free and at high speeds.
  • Online video conversion, cutting, and editing
  • Always and Forever FREE
  • All video and audio formats.
  • Simple mobile access
  • Supports All browsers.
  • All HD video downloads.
  • Lightweight and small in size.


You can download a Kickstarter video without using ClipsConvert.

As we know there are various video downloaders available online in 2022, the most popular of which are SaveVideo and Allavsoft. They offer a paid membership plan or premium software. We offer that, our converter is completely free to use. First, to download the video, copy the URL from the Kickstarter and enter it into the download field, and hit enter. In a few seconds, you can see various Mp4 formats on the screen, choose a format and start downloading. Enjoy our Kickstarter Video Downloader App.

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